1. To TOR: HOU R2(09) and HOU R4(09);  To HOU: HOU R3(09) and Braden Looper

2. To HOU: Yunel Escobar;  To GAT: HOU R1(09)

3. To HOU: Matt Cain, VAN R1(09);  To VAN: Evan Longoria, Miguel Olivo and HOU R6(1 of 2)(09)

4. To NYK: Mike Cuddyer;  To PEO: Zach Duke

5. To HOU: Pedro Martinez;  To LAA: HOU R6(2 of 2)(09)

6. To NYK: Chone Figgins;  To QUE: Edwin Jackson

7. To NYK: Kaz Matsui;  To CHI: John Baker

8. To NYK: A.J. Burnett, Brian Fuentes and Jermaine Dye;  To MET: Clay Buchholz, Ross Ohlendorf and J.P. Howell

9. To NYK: Brandon Inge;  To VAN: Jeff Karstens and Jermaine Dye

10. To GAT: ETK R1(09) and ETK R3(09);  To ETK: Russell Martin, GAT R1(09), HOU R1(09) and GAT R3(09)

11. To NYK: Orlando Hudson;  To LEW: Barry Zito

12. To CLE: Henry Blanco and Brandon Inge;  To NYK: Mike Lowell

13. To NYK: Jose Molina;  To HAW: NYK R7(1st of 2)(09)

14. To NYK: Carl Pavano; To LAA: Brian Fuentes and LAA R5(09)

15. To QUE: Rod Barajas;  To CHI: Aubrey Huff

16. To HAW: Ryan Franklin and PEO R5(09);  To PEO: Kosuke Fukudome

17. To ETK: SCP R7(1 of 2)(09);  To SCP: Raul Chavez

18. To SCP: Adam Everett;  To CHI: SCP R6(2nd of 2)(09)

19. To HAW: Marco Scutaro;  To CLE: Orlando Cabrera, Travis Buck and HAW R3(09)

20. To ETK: Adam Dunn and REG R5(09);  To CLE: Vernon Wells and GAT R3(09)

21. To QUE: Kevin Correia;  To LAA: QUE R2(09) and QUE R6(2nd of 2)(09)

22. To LAA: Brian N. Anderson, Kenji Johjima and Alexi Casilla;  To HOU: LAA R8(1st of 2)(09) and LAA R9(All)(09)

23. To PAR: Jason Michaels;  To ETK: PAR R8(2nd of 2)(09)

24. To MMT: QUE R4(09);  To QUE: Ben Francisco

25. To MET: Brendan Ryan and MSD R7(1 of 2)(09);  To MSD: Francisco Cordero

26. To NYK: GAT R1(09);  To ETK: Reed Johnson, NYK R1S(09) and NYK R3(09)

27. To MET: Jaime Garcia, QUE R1(10) and QUE R5(09);  To QUE: Randy Wolf and John Grabow

28. To HOU: CAR R4(09);  To CAR: HOU R4(10)

29. To TOR: HOU R7(Both)(09);  To HOU: TOR R8(Both)(09) and TOR R9(All)(09)

30. To NYK: Miguel Montero;  To GAT: Jose Molina and NYK R1(10)

31. To GAT: Kenji Johjima;  To LAA: GAT R6(10)

32. To ETK: QUE R6(10);  To QUE: ETK R8(Both)(09)

33. To MET: REG R7(10);  To CLE: MET R8(Both)(09)

34. To ETK: REG R8(10);  To CLE: ETK R9(2nd/3rd)(09)

35. To CLE: Luis Valbuena; To QUE: Travis Buck

36. To GAT: Tyler Flowers, Chris Volstad, Jason Grilli, Yuniesky Betancourt and VAN R3(10);  TO VAN: Erik Aybar, Joe Blanton, Ryan Sadowksi and Dan Meyer

37. To CLE: Fausto Carmona and LEW R6(10);  To LEW: Orlando Cabrera

38. To NYK: Jayson Werth, PRA R4(10) and PRA R6(10);  To PRA: Miguel Montero, Carl Pavano, Dewayne Wise, Phil Coke, NYK R2(10) and NYK R3(10)

39. To MSD: J.A. Happ;  To MET: MSD R3(10), MSD R5(10) and Jeff Suppan

40. PRA waives: Elmer Dessens, Justin Turner and Waldis Joaquin

41. NYK claims: Cody Ransom, John Bale and Corey Patterson

42. To QUE: Jack Wilson;  To TOR: QUE R3(10) and Michael Bowden

43. To TOR: Todd Helton and Erik Bedard;  To SCP: QUE R3(10) and Michael Bowden

44. SCP claims: Matt Belisle

45. TOR waives: Josh Whitesell

46. To TOR: CLE R5(10);  To CLE: Nick Masset

47. TOR claims: Matt Stairs

48. CLE waives: Chris Jimenez

49. CHI waives: Dustin Nippert

50. CHI claims: Rich Aurilia

51. PAR waives: Arthur Rhodes

52. PAR claims: Eddie Bonine

53. To LAA: Brad Lidge and MMT R5(10);  To MMT: Raul Ibanez and LAA R7(10)

54.  QUE waives: Kip Wells

55.  QUE claims: Paul Byrd

56.  To NYK: Darin Erstad;  To ETK: Matt Palmer

57. CLE waives: Garrett Jones

58. CLE claims: Jeff Fiorentino

59.  To PEO: Howie Kendrick and Anderson Hernandez;  To HOU: Matt Guerrier and PEO R2(10)

60. PEO waives: Andres Blanco

61. HOU claims: Mike Morse

62. CAR claims: Andres Blanco

63. CAR waives: Charlie Haeger

64. CLE waives: Dana Eveland and Rodrigo Lopez

65. CLE claims: Tony Clark and Josh Whitesell

66. MSD claims: Pete Orr

67. MSD waives: Donnie Veal

68. CLE waives: Antonio Bastardo

69. SCP waives: Sean Gallagher and David Huff

70. CLE waives: Brian Giles and Jeff Fiorentino

71. GLO waives: Justin Miller and Brian Shouse

72. HOU waives: Shairon Martis and Bronson Arroyo

73. PEO waives: Jason Jennings

74. CLE claims: Craig Monroe, Sidney Ponson and Daniel Cabrera

75. PEO claims: Saul Rivera

76. SCP claims: Logan Kensing and Julian Tavarez

77. GLO claims: Jeff Bennett and Ron Villone

78. HOU waives: Mike Morse and Wilkin Ramirez

79. HOU claims: Adam Eaton, Dana Eveland, Jeff Manship and Clayton Mortensen

80. PAR waives: Jon Garland

81. PRA waives: Kevin Millwood

82. QUE waives: Edwin Jackson and Kevin Correia

# free agents that can be claimed and protected at seasons end

+ free agents that have been waived due to overuse  and cannot be claimed and protected at seasons end

* free agents that can be claimed but not protected at seasons end