#1.    Fort Worth acquires: Geoff Jenkins;  Peoria acquires: TOR R1(2003)

#2.    Peoria acquires: VAL R2B(2003);  Valencia acquires: J.T. Snow and Paul Quantrill

#3.    St. Paul acquires: Carlos Guillen;  Peoria acquires: Pat Hentgen

#4.    St. Paul acquires: GLO R3(2003);  Valencia acquires: Greg Myers

#5.    Cincinnati acquires: Joe Crede;  Lewiston acquires: Michael Young

#6.    Misty Mountain acquires: Ichiro Suzuki;  Castle Park acquires: Ramon Ortiz and Jose Cruz Jr.

#7.    Misty Mountain acquires: CUM R2B(2003);  Cumberland acquires: Ben Broussard and Marlon Anderson

#8.    Toronto acquires: VAL R2(2003);  Fort Worth acquires: TOR R1(SUP-2003) and TOR R2(SUP-2003)

#9.    Misty Mountain acquires: Steve Finley;  Ice acquires: MMT R1(SUP-2003) and Frank Catalanotto

#10.  Carbondale acquires: Alex Rodriguez;  Valencia acquires: Roy Halladay, Vincente Padilla, Eduardo Perez, Jimmy Rollins, Francisco Rodriguez, 
          CAR R1(SUP-2003) and VAL R3(2003)

#11.  Peoria acquires: Dave Weathers and Shane Reynolds;  Valencia acquires: Jose Valentine

#12.  Valencia acquires: Mark Redman;  Fort Worth acquires: Kirk Reuter, CAR R1(SUP-2003) and VAL R3(2003)

#13.  Carbondale acquires: LAS R2(SUP-2003);  Las Vegas acquires: Ty Wigginton

#14.  Misty Mountain acquires: Carlos Baerga and Clifton Lee;  Peoria acquires: Aaron Harang, Matt Lawton and Mike Cuddyer

#15.  Misty Mountain acquires: OTT R3B(2003);  Cincinnati acquires: MMT R2(SUP-2003)

#16.  Ice acquires: Scot Shields;  Fort Worth acquires: ICE R2(2003)

#17.  VAL acquires: Al Leiter and David Ortiz;  GAT acquires: VAL R6(1st of 2)(2003) and Vicente Padilla

#18.  MET acquires: Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson and SFS R5(2003);  SFS acquires: Aaron Boone, Kyle Lohse
         and MET R2(2003)

#19.  MMT acquires: Brian Giles, Jon Lieber, Gabe White and MET R2(2003);  SFS acquires: Kip Wells,
          Randy Winn, Chris Stynes, Carlos Silva and MMT R2B(2003)

#20.  TOR acquires: Joel Pineiro;  GAT acquires: Matt Morris, Ryan Franklin and Byung-Hyun Kim

#21.  Fort Worth acquires: Robb Nen;  SFS acquires: CUM R4(2003)

#22.  PEO acquires: Jason Jennings;  ICE acquires: PEO R3(2003)

#23.  PEO acquires: CUM R3(2003);  FOR acquires: PEO R3(2004)

#24.  FOR acquires: VAL R3(2004);  VAL acquires: VAL R5(2003) and FOR R5(2003)

#25.  TOR acquires: VAL R3(2003);  FOR acquires: TOR R3(2004)

#26.  FOR acquires: GLO R4(2004);  GLO acquires: VAL R4(2003)

#27.  VAL acquires: VAL R6(2003)(1st of 2) & GAT R7(2003)(1st of 2);  GAT acquires: VAL R4(2004)

#28.  TOR acquires: SFS R7(2003);  SFS acquires: TOR R7(2003), TOR R8(2003) and TOR R9(2003)

#29.  SFS acquires: Marquis Grissom and Paul Quantrill;  VAL acquires: Larry Walker

#30.  VAL acquires: Rod Beck and Lou Merloni;  CAS acquires: Jose Valentin

#31.  VAL acquires: Rheal Cormier;  MIS acquires: VAL R2(2004) and Jason Christiansen

#32.  CAR acquires: Erasmo Ramirez;  MET acquires: Ryan Freel

#33.  TOR acquires: Byung-Hyun Kim;  GAT acquires: Josh Phelps

#34.  VAL acquires: Esteban Loaiza;  LEW acquires: VAL R1(2004) and Tom Glavine

#35.  MMT acquires: Vinny Castilla; CAS R1(2004) and CAS R2(2004);  Castle Park acquires: David Bell and Hee Seop Choi

#36.  CAS acquires: Moises Alou, Kyle Lohse and SFS R1(2004);  SFS acquires: Carl Pavano

#37.  TOR acquires: Tim Hudson, Brian Buchanan and Ryan Ludwick;  IND acquires: TOR R1(2004), Ken Griffey Jr, Brett Tomko and Jody Gerut

#38.  MMT acquires: Barry Zito;  IND acquires: Ted Lilly, Chris Carpenter and MMT R1(2004)

#39.  TOR acquires: Jeff DaVanon and Aquilino Lopez;  SFS acquires: Ronnie Belliard

#40.  TOR acquires: David Ortiz and Trevor Hoffman;  VAL acquires: Frank Thomas, Byung-Hyun Kim and Felix Rodriguez.

#42.  CAS waives: Jay Witasick+

#43.  GLO waives: Chris Truby+

#44.  IND waives: Rob Mackowiak+

#45.  FOR acquires: CUM R5(2004) and Ben Petrick;  CUM acquires: Jack Cressend

#46.  SFS acquires: Tim Redding;  STP acquires: SFS R3(2004)

#47.  GAT acquires: Doug Glanville and SFS R2(2004);  SFS acquires: Raul Ibanez and Tomokazu Ohka

#48.  TOR acquires: Sammy Sosa, Jeff Kent, Eric Gagne, Sydney Ponson, Eric Karros, Chris Magruder and Jon Switzer
          FLO acquires: Shawn Green, Dan Haren, Chase Utley, Joel Pineiro, Darren Dreifort, JJ. Davis, Grant Balfour and Orlando Palmeiro

#49.  GAT acquires: MET R1(2004) and Kevin Gregg;  MET acquires: Corey Koskie, Darin Erstad and Mike Macdougal

#50.  ALO acquires: Lance Berkman, Troy Glaus and Kip Pellow;  VAL acquires: Luis Gonzalez, Bill Mueller and David Ross

#51.  IND acquires: Alex Gonzalez;  LAS acquires: IND R3(2004)

#52.  LAS acquires: GLO R2(2004), Kenny Roger and Dennis Tankersley;  GLO acquires: Jeff Bagwell, Brian Anderson and Matt Lecroy

#53.  TOR acquires: Phil Nevin, Dan Miceli and Travis Lee;  GLO acquires: Ryan Klesko, Adam Kennedy and Jared Fernandez

#54.  GLO acquires: Felix Heredia;  GAT acquires: GLO R5(2004)

#55.  GAT acquires: Mike Williams;  GLO acquires: GAT R9(1st of 3)(2004)

#56.  TOR acquires: John Bale;  GAT acquires: TOR R9(All)(2004)


# free agents that can be protected at seasons end

+ free agents that have been waived due to overuse (cannot be protected)

* free agents that cannot be protected