1999 TRADES:

1.    Santa Clara acquires OF Matt Stairs and SP Roberto Ramirez
      Philly acquires SP Orlando Hernandez and SP John Snyder

2.    Santa Clara acquires CL Robb Nen and SP Woody Williams
      Texas acquires SP David Wells and RP Paul Quantrill

3.    Philly acquires 1B Paul Konerko, 1B David Ortiz, SSJ(R1),
      Sunville acquires 1B Edgar Martinez, SP Orlando Hernandez

4.    Philly acquires OF Jim Edmonds and SP Alan Benes
      New Jersey acquires OF Todd Dunwoody and RP Derek Lowe

5.    Nepean acquires OF David Justice and 1B Calvin Pickering
      Orleans acquires OF Kenny Lofton and C Brent Mayne

6.    Ice acquires CL Mike Trombley and NJC(R1)
      New Jersey acquires CL John Rocker

7.    Missouri acquires OF Mike Kelly and SCS(R6)
      Santa Clara acquires OF Ruben Rivera

8.    Santa Clara acquires OF Marvin Benard, OF Rich Becker and
      Denver acquires INF Andy Fox, SS Mike Caruso and SCS(R4)

9.    Sunville acquires OF Brian Giles and CL Tom Gordon
      Philly acquires OF Dmitri Young, OF Orlando Palmeiro and
      SSJ(R2-FROM RAL)

10.   Tennessee acquires SCS(R1)
      Santa Clara acquires TEN(R1-FROM NEP) and TEN (R1-FROM SSJ)

11.   New Jersey acquires SS Jose Vizcaino
      Misty Mountain acquires NJC R4 and SP Dave Telgheder

12.   Misty Mountain acquires ICE(R5-FROM SSJ) and 2B Joey Cora
      Ice acquires SP Jesus Sanchez

13.   New Jersey acquires SP Jose Jimenez
      Ice acquires 2B Mickey Morandini and NJC R5

14.   Denver acquires SP Kirk Reuter, INF Enrique Wilson,
      SS Jose Valentin and SP Chris Brock

        Tennessee acquires DEN R1, 1B Fred McGriff, SS Ricky Guiterrez
      RP Bryan Ward, RP Bronswell Patrick

15.   Tennessee acquires RP Kerry Ligtenberg
      Sunville acquires TEN(R4-From NEP) and 1B Ryan McGwire

16.   Tennessee acquires MIG R1
      Missouri acquires TEN (R1-From DEN) and TEN R2

17.   Tennessee acquires DEN R1B
      Denver acquires TEN R2B, TEN R5 and TEN R6

18.   Philly acquires C Brook Fordyce
      Ice acquires SP Matt Morris

19.   Bronx acquires SS Chris Gomez
      Gatineau acquires BRO R4

20.   Gatineau acquires ICE (R6x1-From SSJ)
      Ice acquires GAT R6x1 in 2000

21.   Cumberland acquires ICE R7
      Ice acquires CLM R7 in 2000

22.   Orleans acquires NEP R9x1 in 1999 and R7 picks in 2000 from NEP
      Nepean acquires ORL R8 picks includes ORL (From Bro R8)and
      ORL R9 picks in 1999

23.   Ice acquires OF Rich Becker
      Santa Clara acquires OF Adrian Brown

24.   Ice acquires 2B Jose Offerman
      Carbondale acquires INF Damian Jackson

25.   Allentown acquires OF Bobby Higginson
      Philly acquires OF/DH Jose Canseco

26.   Ice acquires UTIL Brent Gates and OF Michael Coleman
      Orleans acquires SP Chad Durbin and SP Hipolito Pichardo

27.   New Jersey acquires OF B.J. Surhoff and 2B Eric Young
      Duluth acquires 3B Aramis Ramirez, 2B Luis Castillo and a R5
      pick in 2000

28.   New Jersey acquires SP Mike Hampton, OF Jeff Barry and OF/1B
      Paul Sorrento

      Orleans acquires SP Sterling Hitchcock, OF Ricky Ledee, SP Doug
      Johns and Round 1 pick in 2000

29.   Tennessee acquires RP Doug Brocail and C Alberto Castillo
      Carbondale acquires a R2 pick in 2000

30.   Tennessee waives SP Todd Van Poppel and OF Jacob Brumfield

31.   Carbondale claims OF Tim Raines and SP Dan Perkins

32.   Bronx claims SP Todd Van Poppel*

33.   Bronx waives 3B George Arias

34.   Ice waives SP Clint Sodowsky and RP Jay Tessmer

35.   Ice claims 2B Lou Merloni and 3B Gary Gaetti

36.   Sunville waives RP Juan Alvarez

37.   Sunville claims OF Jacob Brumfield*

38.   Carbondale acquires SS Orlando Cabrera, OF Dermal Brown and
      a R10x1 pick in 2000

        Nepean acquires RP Mike Timlin, SP/RP Vladimir Nunez and OF Tim

39.   Carbondale claims RP Masao Kida

40.   Nepean waives OF Tim Raines

41.   Orleans waives OF Mike Kelly

42.   Orleans claims SS Jeff Blauser

43.   Gloucester acquires INF Mike Benjamin, SP David Cone and
      SP Bryan Rekar

        Gatineau acquires 2B Ronnie Belliard, SP Jaret Wright and
      1B/OF Travis Lee

44.   Orleans acquires OF Moises Alou and SP/RP Bruce Chen

        Cumberland acquires SP Sterling Hitchcock, RP Hipolito
      Pichardo, SP Mike Mohler and a R5 pick in 2000

45.   Orleans claims SP Tom Candiotti

46.   Cumberland waives RP Paul Assenmacher

47.   Carbondale acquires C Charles Johnson
      New Jersey acquires C Eddie Taubensee and RP Rich Garces

48.   Carbondale claims RP Alvin Morman

49.   New Jersey waives C Kevin L. Brown

50.   Denver waives 1B Jeff King, OF Shane Monohan, OF Reggie

51.   Denver claims 1B Sean Berry, OF Jeff Liefer, 3B Bobby

52.   Ice waives SP Robinson Checo

53.   Ice claims OF Tim Raines*

54.   Philly acquires C Jim Leyritz and SP Makoto Suzuki and
      a R4 pick in 2000

        Sunville acquires C Brook Fordyce and SP Todd Ritchie

55.   Gatineau acquires SS Christian Guzman and SP Jeff Suppan

        Ice acquires SP Jaime Navarro and SS Tony Batista

56.   Gatineau acquires CL John Rocker, OF Mike Cameron,
      SP Jon Lieber and OF BJ Surhoff

        New Jersey acquires CL Billy Koch, OF Steve Finley,
      SP Jaret Wright and OF John Van der Waal

57.   Gatineau acquires C Scott Servais
      Duluth acquires 3B Willis Otanez

58.   Philly acquires C Keith Osik
      Russell acquires 1B/C Jim Leyritz

59.   Texas acquires SP Jose Rosado, SP Brian Boehringer, R3 and
      R4 picks in 2000

        Tennessee acquires SP Ed Yarnell, R1 and R4 picks in 2000

60.   Texas waives OF Jermaine Allensworth

61.   Tennessee claims SP Benj Sampson

62.   Ice waives 2B Lou Merloni

63.   Ice claims SP Ken Cloude

64.   Allentown waives 2B Domingo Cedeno

65.   Allentown claims 2B Rafael Bournigal

66.   Gatineau acquires 2B Todd Walker and 1B John Jaha

        Philly acquires OF Bruce Aven, OF Wilton Guerrero and
      RP Juan Acevedo

67.   Philly waives C Steve Lomasney

68.   Gatineau claims INF Luis Lopez

69.   Bronx acquires 2B Craig Grebeck
      New Jersey acquires 1B Gregg Jefferies

70.   New Jersey acquires 1B John Olerud, SP Rick Reed,
      SP Octavio Dotel and C Mike Redmond

        Sunville acquires 1B Mark McGwire, SP Jaret Wright,
      RP Jose Jimenez, C Eddie Taubensee and NJC R4 in 2000

71.   Orleans acquires 2B Fernando Vina, C Scott Hatteberg
      and SP/RP Micheal Tejera

        Cumberland acquires 3B Tony Fernandez and CF Kenny Lofton

72.   Cumberland claims C Steve Decker

73.   Orleans waives RP Mike Myers

74.   Duluth waives C Greg Meyer+

75.   Duluth claims UTIL Lou Merloni*

76.   Allentown waives 2B Rafael Bournigal+

77.   Allentown claims INF Liu Rodriguez

78.   Allentown waives RP Greg McMichael+

79.   Allentown claims RP Rodney Myers

80.   Allentown waives C Jeff Reed+

81.   Allentown claims INF David Lamb

82.   Allentown waives SP/RP Brad Woodall

83.   Allentown claims OF Larry Sutton

84.   Ice waives RP Mike Maddux+

85.   Ice claims RP Dan Serafini

86.   Ice waives SP/RP Paul Spoljaric+

87.   Ice claims CL Jeff Montgomery

88.   Ice waives Peter Bergeron+

89.   Ice claims RP Doug Henry

90.   Aloha waives SP/RP Bill Pulsipher

91.   Aloha claims SP/RP Doug Linton

92.   Carbondale acquires a R5 pick next year from Sunville

        Sunville acquires SP Juan Guzman

93.   Carbondale claims SP/RP Micah Bowie

94.   Sunville waives OF Mike Colangelo

95.   New Jersey acquires 2B Miguel Cairo

        Orleans acquires OF John Vander Wal

96.   Gatineau acquires SP David Cone

        Gloucester acquires a R3 pick next year

97.   Gatineau waives SP Jim Abbott

98.   Gloucester claims INF Jon Shave

99.   Ottawa acquires NJC R3, R6 and R7 picks next year

      New Jersey acquires 2B David Bell, OTT R5 and R9 picks next year

100.  New Jersey waives SP/RP Aaron Myette

101.  Ottawa claims INF Tripp Cromer

102.  Tennessee acquires DEN R1 and R3 picks next year

        Denver acquires SP Andy Pettitte

103.  Tennessee claims SP Stan Spencer

104.  Denver waives OF Jon Nunnally

105.  Allentown waives UTIL Shawon Dunston

106.  Allentown claims UTIL John Wehner

107.  Denver waives OF Matt Luke, 1B Reggie Jefferson,
      INF Jeff Leifer and SP Pete Schourek

108.  Denver claims INF Carlos Baerga, INF David Howard,
      INF Domingo Cedeno* and SP/RP Robert Ramirez

109.  Ice waives SP Jaime Navarro, 3B Gary Gaetti

110.  Ice claims SP/RP Joe Grahe, 1B Jeff King

111.  Tennessee acquires NJC R2 pick next year
      New Jersey acquires SS Ricky Guiterrez

112.  New Jersey waives UTIL Edwin Diaz

113.  Tennessee claims INF David Doster

114.  Nepean waives RP Lance Carter, SP/RP Roberto Ramirez and
      OF Bo Porter

115.  Nepean claims C Charlie Greene, C Mike Figga and
      INF Scott Leius

116.  Santa Clara waives RP Kevin McGlinchy and RP Jay Powell

117.  Santa Clara claims RP Jim Poole and RP Jim Corsi

118.  Nepean waives C Lenny Webster

119.  Nepean claims SP Rocky Coppinger

120.  Carbondale acquires OF Eric Davis
      Texas acquires SSJ R5 pick next year acquired earlier by CAR

121.  Carbondale waives SP Joe Fontenot

122.  Texas claims C Charlie O'Brien

123.  Carbondale acquires OF Cliff Floyd, SP/RP Octavio Dotel,
      RP Greg Hansell and OTT R5 & NJC R8 next year

        New Jersey acquires OF Ellis Burks, SP Brian Cooper and
      CAR R10 picks next year

124.  New Jersey claims SP Jim Abbott*

125.  Carbondale waives RP Greg Hansell

126.  Texas acquires BRO R5 pick next year
      Bronx acquires 3B Ryan Minor

127.  Texas claims INF Jorge Velandia

128.  Bronx waives RP Will Cunnane

129.  Gatineau acquires BRO R6 next year
      Bronx acquires C/INF Bobby Hughes

130.  Bronx waives RP Scott Radinsky

131.  Gatineau acquires OF Kimera Bartee

132.  Misty Mountain acquires BRO R7 pick next year
      Bronx acquires UTIL John Mabry

133.  Misty Mountain claims C Paul Loduca

134.  Bronx waives SP Mark Clark

135.  Texas acquires SP Greg Maddux and RP Steve Karsay
      Russell acquires SP David Wells and RP Gabe White

136.  Gatineau acquires RP Jeff Zimmerman, SP Alex Fernandez
      and RP Graeme Loydd

        Aloha acquires SP Steve Avery and GAT R2 pick next year

137.  Aloha claims OF Danny Clyburn and 3B George Arias

138.  Gatineau waives RP Eric Plunk and RP Jim Pittsley

139.  Texas acquires 3B Chipper Jones, SP Darryl Kile and
      INF Alex Arias

        Campground acquires 3B Dean Palmer, SP Tom Glavine and
      INF Denny Hocking

140.  Orleans acquires OF Chad Curtis
      New Jersey acquires RP Pat Mahomes

141.  Orleans acquires 3B Joe Randa
      Russell acquires RP Scott Sullivan

142.  Texas acquires C Wiki Gonzalez
      Carbondale acquires RP Matt Karchner and TEX R6 pick next year

143.  Misty Mountain acquires OF Jose Cruz Jr. and 2B Homer Bush
      Russell acquires CL Trevor Hoffman and 2B Delino Deshields

144.  Cumberland acquires SP Andy Ashby and SP/RP Mike Oquist
      Russell acquires SP Chris Holt and INF Dave Hansen

145.  Cumberland acquires OF Butch Huskey and RP Doug Johns
      Orleans acquires CLM R6 pick next year and RP Hipolito Pichardo

146.  Cumberland waives RP Doug Henry

147.  Orleans claims SP/RP Ryan Glynn

148.  Texas acquires INF Scott Leius
      Nepean acquires SP Jim Brower