1.  To CAR: Garrett Jones and Austin Jackson;  To CAL: Yonder Alonso

2.  To CAL: Lance Berkman and HAW R2(2011);  To HAW: Brian McCann and Nate Schierholtz

3.  To VAN: Aubrey Huff;  To CHI: TOR R4(2011)

4.  To CHI: George Kottaras;  To HAW: CHI R7(2011)

5.  To ETK: Marlon Byrd;  To CHI: Ronny Cedeno, Dioner Navarro and CHI R6(2011)

6.  To CAL: Adam Russell;  To HAW: CAL R11(2011)

7. To ETK: Jonny Venters, CAL R4(2011) and CAL R7(2011);  To CAL: Joel Hanrahan, Clayton Richard and ETK R9(2011)

8. To HAW: James McDonald;  To CHI: HAW R4(2011) and CHI R7(2011)

9. To WIN: Joakim Soria and ETK R10(2011);  To ETK: WIN R2(2011) and WIN R6(2011)

10. To TOR: WIS R3(2011);  To ETK: Todd Helton

11. To ETK: QUE R4(2011);  To LEW: Jake Westbrook and ETK R11(2011)

12. To CAL: Eric Patterson;  To HAW: Jonny Gomes and CAL R6(2011)

13. To CAL: Jarrod Dyson;  To MET: Jonathan Broxton and CAL R8(2011)

14. To QUE: Jeff Keppinger;  To HAW: QUE R5(2011)

15. To HOU: ETK R2(2011);  To VAN: Philip Humber

16. To CAL: CAL R11(2011) and Hideki Matsui;  To HAW: CAL R5(2011) and CAL R9(2011)

17. To NYK: Albert Pujols and QUE R2(2011);  To QUE: CHI R1(2011) and NYK R1(2011)

18. To TOR: Matt Cain, Ryan Ludwick and Yunel Escobar;  To HOU: Tommy Hanson, Starlin Castro and TOR R2(2011)

19. To TOR: MMT R5(2011);  To MMT: Alex Gonzalez

20. To QUE: Nick Markakis;  To CAL: Mike Adams

21. To TOR: Mat Gamel;  To WIN: Jose Arredondo

22. To TOR: LEW R4(2011) and John McDonald;  To LEW: Scott Rolen and Fernando Rodney

23. To CLE: Sam Leclure, Ryan Theriot and Kelly Johnson;  To ETK: Brandon Inge, CLE R2(2011), LAA R7(2011), CLE R2(2012) and CLE R4(2012)

24. To LAA: Ty Wiggington;  To WIN:  LAA R5(2011)

25. To MET: Wandy Rodriguez;  To WIN: MET R1(2011)

26. To WIN: Nate McLouth;  To CAL: WIN R7(2011) and WIN R12(2011)

27. To VAN: Juan Uribe;  To WOR: TOR R8(2011)

28. To TOR: CAL R4(2011) and ETK R5(2012);  To ETK: Vladimir Guerrero

29. To VAN: Nick Masset;  To MET: VAN R11(2011)

30. To WOR: CAL R3(2011) and Jason Repko;  To CAL: Shelly Duncan

31. To ETK: Jason Varitek;  To WOR: CAL R7(2011)

32. To CLE: Josh Reddick and LAA R2(2011);  To VAN: Andruw Jones and CLE R1(2012)

33. To CAL: Carlos Lee;  To VAN: CAL R2(2012) and Hideki Matsui

34. To ETK: Angel Pagan;  To GLO: QUE R4(2011)

35. To QUE: WOR R4(2011);  To WOR: Jack Wilson

36. To CLE: J.D Martinez; CAL R1(2012) and CAL R4(2012);  To CAL: Brennan Boesch

37. To CLE: Sam Fuld;  To VAN: Fred Lewis, CLE R3(2012) and CLE R11(2011)

38. To HAW: WOR R6(2011);  To WOR: HAW R6(2012)

39. To CLE: Bobby Cassevah;  To MIN: CLE R5(2012)

40. To WIN: HAW R10(2011);  To HAW: WIN R10(2012)

41. To CAL: HAW R11(2011);  To HAW: CAL R11(2012)

42. To LAA: Matt Dominguez;  To WOR: LAA R6(2012)

43. To QUE: HOU R8(2011);  To HOU: QUE R5(2012)

44. To CAL: ETK R12(2011), ETK R13(2011) and ETK R14(2011) To ETK: CAL R10(2012)

45. To QUE: Dextor Fowler and Eric Chavez;  To CHI: QUE R1(2012) and Mark Reynolds

45. QUE waives: Jeremy Jeffress #

46. CHI claims: Rene Tosoni #

47. To TOR: Carlos Beltran;  To LEW: TOR R2(2012), Matt Carpenter and Andrew Miller

48. LEW waives: Jose Lobaton #

49. TOR claims: Mike Nickeas #

50. CLE waives: Adron Chambers

51. CLE claims: Mitch Talbot ##

52. To VAN: Brad Hawpe; WIN R3(2012) and WIN R6(2012);  To WIN: Chris Denorfia

53. To HAW: Todd Helton;  To ETK: Justin Smoak

54.  HOU waives: Micah Owens

55. HOU claims: Sergio Mitre ##

56. WIN waives Ramon Castro, Jose Arredondo and Jason Donald

57. WIN claims Robinson Chirinos ##, D.J. Carrasco ## and Billy Hall ##

58. To MMT: Antonio Bastardo;  To VAN Hector Noesi

59. WIS waives: Drew Sutton, Anthony Varvaro and Chris Young

60. WIS claims: Jerry Blevins ##, Andres Blanco ## and Dave Bush ##

61. To TOR: Tim Lincecum and Koji Uehara;  To GLO: Chris Sale

62. TOR waives: Eric Surkamp

63. GLO claims: Ross Ohlendorf #

64. To TOR: Michael Young;  To LEW: Blake Beavan and TOR R4(2012)

65. To HAW: Brandon League;  To MET: HAW R3(2012)

66. HAW waives: Fautino De Los Santos

67. MET claims: Dave Sappelt #

68. To WOR: Juan Cruz;  To LAA: Jose Molina

69. CAL waives: Shelley Duncan and Brett Cecil

70. GLO waives: Mike Carp

71. SCP waives: Travis Buck

72. SCP claims: Eric Surkamp ##

73. CAL claims: Nelson Figueroa ## and Barry Enright ##

74. GLO claims: Tsuyoshi Nishioka ##

75. CLE waives: Hector Santiago, Cole Gillespie and Pedro Strop

76. CAL waives: Jon Garland

77. JAC waives: Duane Below

78. HOU waives: Andrew Oliver, Dustin Moseley, Rich Thompson, Don Kelly & Manny Ramirez

79. HOU claims: Ross Gload ##, Chris Young ##, Greg Reynolds ##, Micah Owings ##, Phil Dumatrait ##

80. CAL waives: Greg Halman and Fernando Rodriguez

81. CLE waives: Tommy Field

82. GLO waives: Todd Coffey

83. HOU waives: Chance Ruffin

84. LEW waives: Vin Mazzaro

85. TOR waives: Kyle Weiland

86. WIN waives: Todd Frazier, Robinson Chirinos and Yunesky Maya

87. CAL claims: Fautino De Los Santos ##, Brian Burress ## and Matt Palmer ##

88. CAL waives: Craig Tatum, Lucas Harrell, Matt Palmer and Brian Burress

89. HOU waives: Chris Young, Greg Reynolds and Armando Galarraga

90. ILL waives: Mike Leake

free agents that can be claimed and protected at seasons end (# no penalty, ## penalty)

free agents that have been waived due to overuse  and cannot be claimed and protected at seasons end

free agents that can be claimed but not protected at seasons end (# no penalty, ## penalty)

2012 TRADED PICKS                  
TEAM R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15
CAL CLE   VAN   CLE            ETK  HAW        
CLE  VAN  ETK VAN ETK  MIN                    
ETK          TOR                    
HAW      MET      WOR                  
LAA            WOR                  
QUE  CHI        HOU                    
TOR    LEW    LEW                      
WIN     VAN      VAN       HAW