Team Changes for 2004 - Year 8:

Vancouver (VAN) takes over for St. Paul (STP)

Minnesota (MIN) takes over for Cumberland (CUM)

Woodbridge (WOR) takes over for Missouri (MIS)

Honolulu (HON) takes over for Aloha (ALO)

Elmwood Park (ELM) takes over for Valencia (VAL)

#1.  TO PEO:  Noah Lowry and VAL R2B(2004), TO ELM: Erubiel Durazo

#2.  TO MMT:  Hideki Matsui and LEW R4(2004), TO LEW: Orlando Hudson, Larry Bigbie, Mike Hampton and Chris Capuano

#3.  TO MMT: Mike Mussina and SFS R2B(2004), TO SFS: Brian Giles, Jon Lieber and MMT R5(2004)

#4.  TO WOR: Casey Blake, Sean Casey and Christian Guzman;  TO GAT: Melvin Mora and Juan Pierre

#5.  TO FOR: Charles Johnson;  TO CAR: MIN R5(2004)

#6.  TO FOR: Derek Lowe;  TO MET: GLO R4(2004)

#7.  TO HON: Mike Koplove;  TO CAR:  HON R8(1st of 2)(2004)

#8.  TO MMT:  ICE R1(2004), Derek Jeter and Travis Harper;  TO ICE:  Vinny Castilla, Dewon Brazelton, Matt Riley and Rafael Furcal

#9.  TO TOR:  Pokey Reese;  TO HON:  Dan Miceli and TOR R8(1st of 2)(2004)

#10. TO FOR: Nick Johnson;  TO WOR: FOR R2B(2004) and Kevin Cash

#11. TO VAN: GLO R1(2004), Randy Wolf, Scott Hatteberg, Pedro Feliz and Shannon Stewart;  To GLO: Eric Chavez, Dustin Hermansen and Alex Sanchez

#12. TO VAN: Bobby Higginson and D'Angelo Jimenez;  TO MET: Dan Kolb and Mark Grudzielanek

#13. TO ICE: Willie Harris;  TO VAN: Paul Wilson

#14. TO GLO: Scott Eyre and Dan Miceli;  TO HON: GLO R3(2005) and GLO R6(2nd of 2)(2005)

#15. TO HON: Frank Catalanotto and Tim Worrell;  TO ICE:  HON R6(1st of 2)(2004) and Rey Sanchez

#16. TO ELM: Carl Pavano, John Olerud and Tomokazu Ohka;  TO SFS: Mark Redman, J.T. Snow and ELM R1(2005)

#17. TO GAT: ELM R5(2004);  TO ELM: Jason Johnson

#18. TO CAR: Willie Harris;  TO ICE: CAR R4(2004)

#19. TO VAN: Aaron Rowand;  TO GAT: Mark Mulder

#20. TO VAN: Roy Halladay, Scott Spiezio; Erubiel Durazo and Jose Acevedo;  TO ELM: Brandon Webb and Coco Crisp

#21. TO MET: Chris Reitsma, Danny Graves and HON R9(1st of 3)(2004);  TO HON: Joe Randa and MET R7(2nd of 2)(2004)

#22. TO FOR: Russ Ortiz;  TO ICE: Jason Michaels, TOR R3(2004) and FOR R3(2004)

#23. TO ELM: HON R6(2nd of 2)(2004);  TO HON: Jamie Moyer

#24. TO ICE: Danny Bautista;  TO HON: Matt Kata; CAR R4(2004)

#25. TO VAN: Tim Worrell;  TO HON: VAN R6(2nd of 2)(2004)

#26. TO CAR: Bobby Crosby;  TO GAT: Khalil Greene

#27. TO FLO: Tim Redding;  TO SFS: FLO R7 (1st of 2)(2004)

#28. TO TOR: IND R1(2004), Ken Harvey and Brett Myers;  TO IND: Roger Clemens and Trevor Hoffman

#29. TO TOR: Jason Varitek and LEW R3B(2004);  TO LEW: Javier Vazquez and A.J. Pierzynski

#30. TO TOR: VAN R5(2004);  TO VAN: TOR R4(2005)

#31. TO TOR: FOR R6(Both)(2004); TO FOR: TOR R5(2005)

#32. TO GAT: HON R7(1st of 2)(2005), TOR R8(2nd of 2)(2004);  TO HON: GAT R7(2nd of 2)(2004), GAT R8(Both)(2004)

#33. TO SFS: HON R9(2nd and 3rd)(2004);  TO HON: SFS R9(All)(2005)

#34. TO MMT:  Carl Pavano, Jim Edmonds and PRA R3(2005);  TO PRA: Steve Finley, Jeff Francis, Garrett Atkins, Kevin Millwood and MMT R1(2005)

#35. TO PRA: Rafael Betancourt;  TO HON: Randy Choate and PRA R4(2005)

#36. TO CAR: Larry Walker;  TO PRA: John Patterson, Kyle Farnsworth, CAR R2(2005) and CAR R7(1st of 2)(2005)

#37. MMT claims free agents: Tomas Perez + and Mike Myers +

#38. FLO claims free agents: Darren Driefort +, Cliff Politte + and Terry Adams +

#39. VAN claims free agent: Gabe White +

#40. CAR claims free agent: Tyler Walker +

#41. TO TOR: Jim Thome;  TO PEO: Merkin Valdez and Adrian Gonzalez

#42. TOR claims free agents: Jimmy Serrano + and Brian Powell +

#43. PEO claims free agents: Todd Zeile + and Brad Fullmer +

#44. TO GLO: Randy Wolf;  TO VAN: GLO R4(2005)

#45. VAN claims free agent: Steve W. Sparks +

#46. TO FOR: Neifi Perez, Julian Tavarez and Kevin Gregg;  TO GAT: Joe Blanton and Austin Kearns

#47. TO FOR: Travis Hafner, Jose Vidro and Brandon Inge;   TO GAT: Nick Johnson, David Wright, Jorge Cantu and Wes Helms

#48. TO MMT: Miguel Cabrera;  TO FOR: Manny Ramirez

#49. TO MMT: FOR R2(2005);  TO FOR: Willy Taveras

#50. TO HON: Omar Vizquel; TO LEW: HON R2(2005)

#51. TO FOR: Orlando Cabrera and FLO R5(2005);  TO FLO: Geoff Jenkins and Edwin Jackson

#52. TO GAT: Antonio Perez, Jamie Moyer, Mike Koplove and HON R3(2005);  TO HON: Armando Benitez and Jeff Suppan

#53. VAN claims free agent: Ricky Ledee +

#54. VAN waives: Matt Mantei #

#55. TO GAT: SFS R1(2005), SFS R2(2005), Francisco Cordero and Placido Polanco;  TO SFS: Melvin Mora, Mark Mulder and Greg Aquino

#56. TO MET: Erik Bedard and GLO R2(2005);  TO GLO: Curt Schilling

#57. GAT claims: Aaron Sele, Wes Obermueller and Scott Speizio

#58. FOR claims: R.A. Dickey, Jeff Fassero and Sean Douglass

#59. PEO claims: Matt Mantei #

#60. TO TOR: Jason Schmidt;  TO MIN: Zach Greinke

#61. TO HON: Jeromy Burnitz;  TO VAN: Charles Thomas and GLO R3(2005)

#62. TO VAN: Josh Fogg;  TO FLO: Curtis Granderson and Dan Meyer

#63. TO TOR: Randy Johnson, Ryan Freel and Ross Gload;  TO MET: Brett Myers, Todd Williams, Jermaine Dye and Todd Hollandsworth

#64. TO TOR: Brendan Donnelly, Ray King and Shingo Takatsu;  TO MIN: Jorge Sosa and Bob Howry

#65. PEO waives: Koyie Hill +

#66. CAS waives: Ramon Ortiz +

#67. PEO claims: Mark Derosa *

#68. SFS waives: J.T. Snow +

#69. CAS waives: Ben Grieve # and Jason Stanford #

#70. CAS claims: John Wasdin * and Tyler Yates *

#71. HON waives: Salomon Torres +

#72. MET waives: Kirk Saarloos +

#73. PRA waives: Lou Merloni +

#74. SFS waives: Randy Winn +

#75. PEO waives: Chad Gaudin +

# free agents that can be protected at seasons end

+ free agents that have been waived due to overuse (cannot be protected)

* free agents that cannot be protected