USFBL Transactions


2001 TRADES:

1.    Valencia acquires:  Mike Piazza
       Gatineau acquires:  Jason Kendall & VAL R1(2001)

2.    Carbondale acquires:  Aramis Ramirez
       Cleghorn acquires: Octavio Dotel and CAR R1(2001)

3.    Texas acquires:  Mike Young
       Gulf Coast acquires:  Brian Boehringer

4.    Misty Mountain acquires:  Carl Pavano
       Cleghorn acquires:  Josias Manzanillo

5.    Carbondale acquires:  Chris Carpenter and Glenallen Hill
       Ice acquires:  Reggie Sanders and Grant Roberts

6.    Texas acquires:  CAR R1(2001) and Tim Crabtree
       Cleghorn acquires:  Steve Karsay

7.    Texas acquires:  ICE R1(2001) and A.J. Pierzynski
       Ice acquires:  TEX R1(2001) and Alfonso Soriano

8.    Texas acquires:  Ryan Klesko
       Waxhaw acquires:  Jeromy Burnitz and TEX R9(2001)

9.    Ice acquires:  Jose Valentin and Carlos Lee
       Las Vegas acquires:  Ben Davis and Nelson Cruz

10.  Misty Mountain acquires:  Todd Hollandsworth
       Waxhaw acquires:  Chuck Knoblauch

11.  Waxhaw acquires:  Al Leiter and TEX R2(2001)
       Texas acquires:  Bartolo Colon

12.  Cleghorn acquires:  Troy O'Leary
       Ice acquires:  CLE R5(2001)

13.  Cleghorn acquires:  Todd Ritchie, Chris Richard and SUN R7(2001) 1st of 2
       Sunville acquires:  Doug Mientkiewicz and Jamey Wright

14.  Metropolis acquires:  Chipper Jones, Garrett Anderson, CAR R1(2001)
       Texas acquires:  Scott Rolen, Juan Gonzalez, Rondell White and MET R2(2001)

15.  Misty Mountain acquires:  Rafael Furcal, Desi Relaford, Rick Ankiel, Damion Easley and CAS R3(2001)
       Castle Park acquires:  Milton Bradley, Deivi Cruz, Luis Rivas, Bruce Chen, Adam Piatt, Jason Tyner and MMT R1(2001)

16.  Ice acquires:  Paul Quantrill
       Texas acquires:  Adam Kennedy

17.  Cleghorn acquires:  Dan Plesac and TEX R7(2001) 1st of 2
       Texas acquires:  CLE R3(2001)

18.  Cleghorn acquires:  GAT R6(2001) 2nd of 2
       Gatineau acquires:  Eli Marrero

19.  Cleghorn acquires:  David Segui and Gregg Zaunn
       Castle Park acquires:  Ramon Hernandez and Scott Spiezio

20.  Cleghorn acquires:  John Burkett, Paul Abbott, Tony Clark, MET R1(2001), MET R3B(2001) and MET R6(2001) 2nd of 2
       Metropolis acquires:  Kerry Wood, Todd Ritchie, Derek Lowe and CLE R2(2001)

21.  Sunville acquires:  LAS R4(2001)
       Las Vegas acquires:  Matt Lecroy

22.  Gulf Coast acquires:  CLE R1(2001) and Neifi Perez
       Cleghorn acquires:  GUL R4(2001) and Alex S. Gonzalez

23.  Texas acquires:  Denny Neagle
       Metropolis acquires:  Jay Bell

24.  Texas acquires:  VAL R3(2001)
       Valencia acquires:  Denny Neagle

25.  Amaretto acquires:  Tony Clark and Glendon Rusch
       Cleghorn acquires:  OTT R4(2001), AMA R4(2001), Marlon Anderson and Rolando Arroyo

26.  Cleghorn acquires:  Carl Everett, Travis Fryman and Tim Wakefield
       Gulf Coast acquires:  Shawn Green and GUL R4(2001)

27.  Allentown acquires:  VAL R2(2001) and Rey Ordonez
       Valencia acquires:  Aaron Sele

28.  Allentown acquires:  Todd Jones
       Misty Mountain acquires:  Ron Gant

29.  Dakota acquires:  Eric Gagne
       Allentown acquires:  Einar Diaz

30.  Las Vegas acquires:  Dave Weathers and Jason Marquis
       Cleghorn acquires:  Roy Halloday and Stan Javier

31.  Allentown acquires:  Mark Kotsay
       Metropolis acquires:  Bobby Higginson

32.  Valencia acquires:  Mark McLemore and Shane Reynolds
       Gulf Coast acquires:  Ruben Quevedo and VAL R2B(2001)

33.  Gulf Coast acquires:  Carlos Guillen
       Texas acquires:  GUL R3(2001)

34.  Las Vegas acquires:  Kris Benson, Ruben Mateo, Brian Anderson and John Halama
       Valencia acquires:  Andy Pettitte and Dave Weathers

35.  Cleghorn acquires:  VAL R4(2001), Mark McLemore and Rudy Seanez
       Valencia acquires:  Brian Jordan

36.  Cleghorn acquires:  Raul Mondesi
       Gulf Coast acquires:  Orlando Palmeiro and MET R1(2001)

37.  Cleghorn acquires:  Fred McGriff, VAL R5(2001) and VAL R6(2001) both picks
       Valencia acquires:  David Segui and Preston Wilson

38.  Ottawa acquires:  Steve Reed and John Franco
       Allentown acquires:  Dave Burba

39.  Aloha acquires:  Tex R3(2001)
       Texas acquires:  Daryle Ward

40.  Cleghorn acquires:  Kevin Tapani, Tony Graffanino and Kazuhiro Sasaki
       Metropolis acquires:  Travis Fryman, Octavio Dotel, Chris Richard and CLE R4(2001)

41.  Gloucester acquires:  Phil Nevin, Eric Karros and AMA R4(2001)
       Cleghorn acquires:  GLO R1(2001)

42.  Misty Mountain acquires:  Jason Varitek
       Ice acquires: Brad Fullmer

43.  Gatineau acquires:  Kazuhiro Sasaki and GLO R1(2001)
       Cleghorn acquires:  Jamie Moyer and VAL R1(2001)

44.  Gloucester acquires:  Felix Rodriguez and ALL R6(2001) 1st of 2
       Allentown acquires:  Royce Clayton and CAR R3(2001)

45.  Dakota acquires:  Mark Derosa and Paul Abbott
       Cleghorn acquires:  Jeff Conine and David Dellucci

46.  Allentown acquires:  Steve Cox and DAK R3(2001)
       Dakota acquires:  Royce Clayton

47.  Ice acquires:  John Burkett
       Cleghorn acquires:  TEX R1(2001), Elmer Dessens and Tyler Houston

48.  Texas acquires:  Brett Tomko
       Carbondale acquires:  Tex R5(2001)

49.  Texas acquires:  MET R3B (2001)
       Cleghorn acquires:  Jose Cabrera

50.  Cleghorn acquires:  Al Leiter, Mike Hampton, WAX R4(2001) and WAX R5(2001)
       Waxhaw acquires:  Steve Woodard, Chuck Finley, Timo Perez, Troy O'Leary, Bronson Arroyo, Bob Howry, Tyler Houston, Elmer Dessens, CLE R7(2001) BOTH, CLE R8(2001) BOTH, CLE R9(2001) ALL

51.  Cleghorn acquires:  Terrence Long and Byung-Hung Kim
       Castle Park acquires:  Raul Mondesi and Luis Castillo

52.  Misty Mountain acquires:  VAL R1(2001), CLE R6(2001)(BOTH), Mike Hampton and Mike Myers
       Cleghorn acquires:  MMT R3(2001), MMT R5(2001), Todd Hollandsworth and Jason Varitek

53.  Texas acquires:  Byung-Hung Kim, GAT R6(2001)(2nd of 2), MET R6(2001)(2nd of 2)
       Cleghorn acquires:  Cliff Politte and Eddie Guardado

54.  Carbondale acquires:  Marlon Anderson
       Cleghorn acquires:  Robin Ventura

55.  Amaretto acquires:  JC Romero and Paul Rigdon
       Texas acquires:  AMA R6(2001) (2nd of 2)

56.  Carbondale acquires:  Steve Karsay, VAL R6(2001)(BOTH)
       Cleghorn acquires:  CAR R2(2001), GLO R4(2001) and CAR R5(2001)

57.  Valencia acquires:  Jim Edmonds, Felix Rodriguez, AMA R4(2001) and Tom Davey
       Gloucester acquires:  Shannon Stewart, Preston Wilson and Ricky Rincon

58.  Valencia acquires:  CAS R7(2001) (1st of 2)
       Castle Park acquires:  Gil Meche

59.  Cleghorn acquires:  Steve Finley
       Waxhaw acquires:  Terrence Long

60.  Texas acquires:  Ryan Dempster
       Valencia acquires:  Byung-Hung Kim, Joe Girardi and AMA R6(2001)(2nd of 2)

61.  Valencia acquires:  Fred McGriff, Mark McLemore and Jamie Moyer
       Cleghorn acquires:  Richie Sexson, Jason Christiansen, Kyle Farnsworth and AMA R4(2001)

62.  Ice acquires:  Joe Girardi
       Valencia acquires:  ICE R6(2001)(1st of 2)

63.  Misty Mountain acquires:  AMA R2(2001) and OTT R2(2001)
       Ottawa acquires:  MMT R2(2001) and Omar Daal

64.  Amaretto acquires:  Richie Sexson, Al Leiter, Dan Plesac and Carl Everett
       Cleghorn acquires:  Frank Thomas, Ben Grieve, Tony Clark, Ron Coomer and Luke Prokopec

65.  Misty Mountain acquires:  Luke Prokopec and David Dellucci
       Cleghorn acquires:  Randy Velarde and Alex Ochoa

66.  Cleghorn acquires:  GAT R3B(2001)
       Gatineau acquires:  Tim Wakefield

67.  Cleghorn acquires:  Tim Salmon, Wiki Gonzalez, Chad Hermanson and Kerry Ligtenberg
       Valencia acquires:  Jason Christiansen, Jose Canseco, Stan Javier, Gregg Zaun and Rudy Seanez

68.  Gloucester acquires:  Jeff Conine, Rolando Arroyo and Kevin Tapani
       Cleghorn acquires:  Jeff Liefer and GLO R2(2001)

69.  Cleghorn acquires:  CAR R2B(2001), Matt Clement and Corey Patterson
       Carbondale acquires:  Roy Halladay and Kyle Farnsworth

70.  Amaretto acquires:  Jason Varitek, Tim Salmon, Corey Patterson, Randy Velarde, Kerry Ligtenberg and Steve Finley
       Cleghorn acquires: 
AMA R1(2002), AMA R2(2002), Gabe Kapler, Carl Everett, Frank Menechino, B.J. Ryan, Wes Helms, Jose Santiago, Adrian Brown and Jesus Sanchez

71.  Carbondale acquires:  CAR R5(2001)
       Cleghorn acquires:  Esteban Loaiza

72.  Allentown acquires:  Britt Reames
       Aloha acquires:  ALL R6(2001)(2nd of 2)

73.  Ottawa acquires:  GLO R2(2001), Todd Hollandsworth and Frank Castillo
       Cleghorn acquires:  OTT R1(2001), OTT R3B(2001) and MMT R2(2001)

74.  Cleghorn acquires:  Chuck Smith
       Allentown acquires:  VAL R4(2001)

75.  Carbondale acquires:  CAM R4(2001)
Campground acquires:  Damian Jackson

76.  Cleghorn acquires:  Matt Herges and Jeff D'Amico
       Metropolis acquires:  Gabe Kapler and MMT R5(2001)

77.  Cleghorn acquires:  Jon Garland
       Gulf Coast acquires:  TEX R1(2001)

78.  Castle Park acquires:  Tom Davey and ICE R6(2001)(1st of 2)
       Valencia acquires:  Luis Rivas

79.  Misty Mountain acquires:  Bruce Chen, Matt Anderson, Kip Wells
       and Milton Bradley
       Castle Park acquies:  Mike Hampton, Justin Speier, Ron Gant
       and Tomokazu Ohka

80.  Castle Park acquires:  D'Angelo Jimenez
       Carbondale acquires:  Luis Castillo

81.  Castle Park acquires:  Jose Offerman and ICE R2(2001)
       Ice acquires:  MMT R1(2001)

82.  Misty Mountain acquires:  CLE R5(2001)
       Ice acquires:  David Dellucci

83.  Carbondale acquires:  Gil Meche and ICE R2(2001)
       Castle Park acquires:  Marlon Anderson

84.  Castle Park acquires:  Denny Hocking
       Campground acquires:  Jose Offerman

85.  Texas acquires:  CAS R7(2001) (2nd of 2)
       Castle Park acquires:  AMA R8(2001) (all), STP R9(2001) (all),
       and TEX R8(2001) (all)

86.  Valencia acquires:  Tony Gwynn, Roger Clemens and Ed Vosberg
       Campground acquires:  Juan Encarnacion, Luis Rivas, Denny Neagle
VAL R1(2002)

87.  Sunville acquires:  Ruben Sierra and CAS R7(1 of 2)(2002)
      Castle Park acquires:  Russell Branyon and SUN R4(2002)

88.  Misty Mountain acquires:  D'Angelo Jimenez and Ramon Vazquez
       Castle Park acquires:  Chad Hermansen and
MMT R8(2 of 2)(2002)

89.  Misty Mountain waives:  Chris Piersoll#

90.  Castle Park claims:  Chris Gomez*

91.  Castle Park waives:  Aaron Fultz#

92.  Castle Park claims:  Wendell Magee*

93.  Amaretto acquires:  Frank Thomas, Juan Cruz, Jon Garland and Frank Menechino
       Cleghorn acquires:  John Flaherty, Todd Walker, Dante Bichette and
AMA R4(2002) and AMA R8(1 of 2)(2002)

94.  Cleghorn claims:  James Mouton*

95.  Amaretto waives: Brian Bohanon#

96.  Cleghorn claims:  Damian Moss*

97.  Cleghorn waives: Tony Eusebio#

98.  Texas acquires:  Raul Mondesi
       Castle Park acquires:  Dan Wilson

99.  Metropolis acquires:  Kevin Appier and Matt Anderson
       Misty Mountain acquires:  Kevin Millwood and
MET R4(2002)

100. Misty Mountain claims:  Gary Bennett*

101. Metropolis waives:  Scott Eyre#

102. Carbondale acquires:  Kevin Brown, Juan Moreno and Milton Bradley
        Misty Mountain acquires:  Chris Carpenter, Ted Lilly and
CAR R3(2002)

103. Misty Mountain claims:  Orlando Merced*

104. Carbondale waives: Mark Little+

105. Castle Park acquires:  Jared Sandberg and Ramon Vazquez
        Misty Mountain acquires:  Marlon Anderson
and CAS R2(2002)

106. Misty Mountain claims:  Peter Harnisch*

107. Castle Park waives:  Wascar Serrano#

108. Cumberland waives:  Mario Encarnacion#

109. Cumberland claims:  Mike Difelice*

110. Sunville acquires:  Rich Aurilia, Chad Kreuter, Frank Catalanotto and OTT R4(2002)
Ottawa acquires:  Mike Bordick, Orlando Hernandez, Sydney Ponson and SUN R2(2002)

111. Ottawa waives:  Tim Bogar+

112. Ottawa claims:  Chris Woodard*

113. Gulf Coast waives:  Craig A. Wilson+ and Devon White+

114. Gulf Coast claims:  Bobby Bonilla* and Gerald Williams*

115. Allentown waives:  Brady Clark+ and Kane Davis# 

116. Allentown claims:   Bobby Witt* and Darryl Hamilton*

117. Cleghorn waives:  Chuck Smith+

118. Cleghorn claims:  Pat Meares*

119. Castle Park acquires: Scott Strickland and Braden Looper
        Carbondale acquires: Ramon Hernandez

120. Carbondale claims: Bruce Aven*

121. Castle Park waives: D.T. Cromer#

122. Amaretto waives:  Kerry Ligtenberg+ and Enrique Wilson+

123. Amaretto claims:  Alberto Castillo* and Augie Ojeda*

124. Texas waives: Mike Venafro#, Scott Elarton# and Pasqual Coco#

125. Texas claims:  Andy Sheets*, Donnie Sadler* and Edwards Guzman*

126. Gulf Coast acquire: Andy Benes
        Carbondale acquires: Scott Brosius

127. Carbondale acquires: Jeff Tam
        Ottawa acquires: Luis Matos and Mike Rivera

128. Carbondale claims: Scott Elarton#

129. Ottawa waives:  Tim Crabtree#

130. Texas acquires: Matt Morris
        Ice acquires: Bartolo Colon

131.  Texas acquires:  Robert Person, Jeremy Giambi and Scott Spiezio
         Castle Park acquires:  Mo Vaughn

132.  Castle Park claims:  Tim Raines* and Matt Blank*

133.  Texas waives:  Edwards Guzman*, Pablo Ozuna#

134.  Texas acquires:  Frank Castillo, Moises Alou, Todd Hollandsworth, Doug Glanville and OTT R6(both)(2002)
         Ottawa acquires:  Shawn Chacon,
Donnie Sadler*, Michael Young, JC Romero and TEX R5 (2002)

135.  Texas acquires:  Alberto Castillo*
    Amaretto acquires:  Tom Lampkin

136.  Carbondale acquires:  Tom Gordon
         Castle Park acquires: 
CAR R4(2002), Blaine Neal and Aaron Myette

137.  Carbondale acquires:  D.T. Cromer#

138.  Castle Park waives:  John Wasdin#

139.  Metropolis acquires:  Mike Cameron, Jeff Zimmerman and Kazuhiro Sasaki
         Gatineau acquires:  Darin Erstad, Sean Casey and Mike Macdougal

140.  Gulf Coast acquires:  Jay Gibbons
         Cleghorn acquires:  Kenny Rogers,
GUL R4(2002) and GUL R8(2 of 2)(2002)

141.  Gulf Coast acquires:  Jose Valentin and ICE R5(2002)
      Ice acquires:  Tim Worrell and GUL R3(2002)

142.  Clehorn waives:  Jesus Sanchez+

143.  Cleghorn claims:  Bobby Munoz*

144.  Carbondale acquires:  Steve Kline
         Aloha acquires: 
CAR R5(2002) and CAR R7(1 of 2)(2002)

145.  Carbondale waives:  Jose Antonio Nunez#

146.  Aloha claims:  Edwards Guzman*

147.  Dakota waives:  David Wells+

148.  Dakota claims:  Dennis Springer*

149.  Cleghorn waives:  Travis Phelps+

150.  Cleghorn claims:  Pat Mahomes*

# free agents that can be protected at seasons end

+ free agents that have been waived due to overuse (cannot be protected)

* free agents that cannot be protected